of time and space

of time and space
Qannati finds its inspiration in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. 4500 years ago, artists created their works of art following the forms of sacred geometry and the mysticism of the Flower of Life.
The pantheon of Mesopotamian gods and their deeds constitute the rich and dense mythology of the region. Many ancient artefacts, preserved today in the world’s most famous museums, depict the deities, often in human form, richly adorned with robes and bracelets.

The deities wear bracelets with a round dial depicting the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. They decided who among men was worthy of wearing those bracelets.
Qannati draws on the same source of divine knowledge to create its timeless masterpieces.
A Mesopotamian relief, depicting divinities & chosen ones, wearing bracelets with the Flower of Life. Images courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum
The bracelet showing the design of the Flower of Life was a symbol of divinity. The kings and elites chosen by the gods were extraordinary men whose virtues were considered supreme. They wore the divine bracelet to show the community their connection to the gods.
Jeweled Bracelets with the Flower of Life (500–700), made in probably Constantinople
“The land of Dilmun is holy, the land of Dilmun is pure”.
These words come from one of the world’s oldest poems written in cuneiform script on a clay tablet and found near the Euphrates River.
the land of immortality - dilmun
The “Flower of Life” is a “holy grail” in the Epic of Gilgamesh, that dates back some 4,500 years. Gilgamesh, the Mesopotamian King of Uruk, embarked on a quest in search of immortality.
the epic of
At the end of his quest, Gilgamesh learned about the Flower of Life and its deep meanings, achieving immortality in a timeless tale. A legacy entrenched in the cultural heritage of mankind.
Gilgamesh dived down to find the Flower of Life lying at the bottom of the sea where fresh water and sea water meet. The Flower of Life was none other than Bahrain’s unique pearls.
of life
Gilgamesh travelled across the known world to the land of ancient Dilmun, the land of immortality, presently known as Bahrain. Here, he met the immortal Utnapishtim who revealed to him the existence of the Flower of Life.
Qannati is closely linked to the Epic of King Gilgamesh and the profound value of the Flower of Life. Much like the legacy of Gilgamesh which will never be forgotten, Qannati captures your own legacy in a story forever suspended in time, immortal and sanctified.
The Flower of Life Pattern & Its Sacred Geometry
More than 4500 years ago the Mesopotamian kings used to wear the bracelets with the Flower of Life symbol engraved on them. Today, the Flower of Life remains to be one of the most fascinating and mystical, geometric symbols of time, well known within the magical world owing to its sacred geometry. This symbol is a fitting representation of the cycle of life and holds the patterns of the creation of the universe.
Every Qannati design, masterpiece and collection crafted is born out of the Flower of Life’s sacred geometry.
The Qannati packaging box is taken from the myth of the egg of life. The design is based on the Qannati Spectrum, which takes its shape from the legendary Flower of Life and its sacred geometry.
qannati spectrum
Qannati Spectrum is an immortal pattern that guides everything Qannati creates
Qannati uses the mystical power of the Flower of Life and its sacred geometry in its designs, engraving it in its story, through a unique composition called the Qannati Spectrum. It combines three states of being: Past & Future, Matter & Consciousness and Fiction & Reality. It is an immortal pattern that guides everything Qannati creates.
Quantum Timepieces are pieces of wearable art that complete, together with the Eternity Bracelets, the ancient Mesopotamian tradition. Quantum Timepieces are designed for those who master time and are free from its limitations.

Each Quantum Timepiece is one-of-a-kind, 360° view sculpted universe. Size of each Quantum Timepiece is 43.5mm x 45mm.
timepiece concept
The Chosen Ones of the Mesopotamian era wore a bracelet on each wrist. 4500 years later, Qannati brings these masterpieces back through Eternity Bracelets and Quantum Timepieces.

The Eternity Bracelet is shaped like a timepiece but it doesn’t tell time. It is designed for the wearer who has mastered time, and who prefers to lead rather than to track time. Each Eternity Bracelet encapsulates a handcrafted miniature universe that reflects its own time, whether past, present or future. Size of each Eternity Bracelet is 45.5mm x 47mm.
eternity bracelet concept
Eternity Bracelets are fully handcrafted in France
Quantum Timepieces are made in Switzerland with their miniature universes sculpted in France.